Monday, December 5, 2016

Secret Santa

Shh, it's a secret!

My first attempt at a quilty non-quilt item is less than spectacular.

Travel Iron Tote - needs handles and buttons
The little travel iron tote -- pattern by Sisters' Common Thread -- looks a lot more intimidating than it is.  The instructions are well written, considering it's difficult to describe with words where to put stitching lines in an oversized rectangle. 

A template would have been helpful, but I carefully followed each step, double checking measurements along the way. Voila!  The amazing thing is the stitching lines really make the thing fold like it's supposed to!

So why do I think it less than spectacular?  First, the only elastic I have on hand is pure white so I tried both coffee and tea dying it.

Attempting tea dye
Apparently polyester and rubber don't absorb dye, but I did take a little of the whiteness out.

Could I find my button box when I need it?  NO. So a stop for buttons will be on today's agenda. 

The main reason for my disappointment, however, is the iron I purchased to go in the tote is too big!

I don't have to include the iron in the gift, but I thought it would be a nice touch.  I plan to attempt making a bigger one this week at retreat.  Stay tuned.

And now I'm off to three days of sewing with some really great friends.  Have a great week, Y'all!


  1. Can you reuse any of the too-small project in the second version? Sewing with friends will compensate for the frustration. Don't go overboard on buttons!

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  3. Enjoy your retreat, and happy button-shopping!

  4. Safe travels and have fun at your retreat. Great secret Santa gift!

  5. Oh my! I have one of those and my travel iron fits in perfectly. It was a gift and I was thrilled, so I'm sure your friend will love hers. Enjoy your retreat!!!

  6. That is a very nice Secret Santa gift for your friend. Maybe she will have a small iron that will fit perfectly. Have a fun time at retreat. I'm sure you will get lots done.

  7. Another option might be to take back the big iron and get a smaller one that fits. That way you wouldn't have to make another tote. Have fun at your retreat!

  8. Fun pattern, sorry you couldn't match up the iron with the tote. Enjoy the retreat.


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