Thursday, December 1, 2016

Not Doing Bonnie's Mystery

Repeat, Not Doing Bonnie's Mystery

For new readers, Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville's Quips and Snips hosts a mystery quilt-along in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.  A clue is released each week on Friday and the following Monday there is a link-up to share progress.

I am NOT doing Bonnie's Mystery!

Pretty strong declaration for someone who made 120 neutral HSTs last weekend, huh?

I still have lots of UFOs as well as new projects in progress, so I made the decision not to play along  this year.  Instead, I will look at it as an extension of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, using appropriately colored scraps with each clue until I run out of that color.  I may or may not have enough units to make the quilt even at half scale. But, as Gayle at mangofeet said, Bonnie's units always fit together and I can use them in a design of my own, if necessary.

There's one problem, though ... I was working from memory and pulled 2-1/2" strips instead of 2".  Big DUH!  I could easily trim them down to the correct size, but the thought of wasting that much fabric hurts.  OR, I could just make everything else bigger.  If that plan requires high-level math, then I'll just use the neutral 4Ps as background for applique!

Hop over to Quiltville to see how others are keeping up with the mystery.


  1. Your four patches can be used in so many ways, but if you decide to participate in this mystery, you are ahead of the game. :)

  2. I'm not doing the mystery, either. I made all the units the wrong size one time, but -- as happened to you -- I made them too big rather than too small. Phew!

  3. ...but I do dutifully save all the patterns. I have learned "never say never" when it comes to making quilting declarations.

  4. I am not doing her mystery either - at this time. Like you I have several projects that I want to get finished by the end of the year. Good luck with your UFOs.

  5. How annoying, my friend! You aren't participating and you are farther along than I am!! Maybe I'll catch up to you next week. Sigh...

  6. I have wips too. but I'm still doing her Mystery. I look forward to it all year. This is my 7th.
    You can always save the clues if you have a change of heart.

  7. Your neutral 4Ps look so cute - you can never have enough neutrals. You've got lots of options with them, and starting from 2-1/2" strips gives you a size that can work with so much else, regardless of whether it's BH's pattern or not. Good luck with your UFOs.

  8. Well, there's no such thing as a wasted four patch! 8) (And good idea for applique backgrounds if all else fails!)
    I was using four patches as leader/enders as I sewed together piglets, and I'll be doing the same leader/enders thing with the star point components Bonnie just gave us for this weekend's clue. (I've got my eye on another quilt that uses tons of those star point blocks, so they'll come in handy even if I totally poop out on the mystery!)

  9. Sounds like a very sound idea. I don't plan to keep up with Bonnie, but it's such fun seeing what everyone else is doing.


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