Sunday, December 18, 2016

What's Wrong With This Picture?

15 Geese flying in the wrong direction!

I should know by now to test something before I start chain piecing!  But, NO! I stitched 15 of these suckers heading east west (thanks, Nann) instead of north!

This is more like it!  Unfortunately I didn't get this simple project done today, so if it's not finished tomorrow, it will have to wait till after Christmas because I have other gifts to attend to that don't require mailing.

I know it's been a while since I posted -- and I appreciate those who expressed concern -- but it's been a week of doctor visits and Christmas errands.  My occasional back pain has gotten to the point that I am hoping I can determine the cause and settle on some lifestyle changes that will give me some relief.  It's not so bad that I need surgery or drugs; it's just a pain in the butt -- literally.

I used the doctor's order for a lumbar xray to also schedule my mammogram.  I was also able to get a last-minute appointment with the eye doctor for a routine check.  DH has had a year of medical expenses, so why not pile on for tax purposes?

Such a weird weather day we've had.  Last night at 10:20 p..m. it was 70 degrees here and 38 degrees less than 60 miles west.  We woke this morning to this:

Mostly sleet.  And the roads were still warm enough from the day before that driving was not an issue.  I know many of you have had much colder temps and more snow.

Stay warm
Stay safe
Quilt On


  1. Those misguided geese! To me they look headed west. Whatever direction, the purple/turquoise print is pretty.
    Clear but very cold here today.

  2. Apparently, your weird weather headed our way!! 70 degrees today and they're calling for sleet tonight. I feel your pain on those flying geese! Happens to us all... when we're not paying attention to what we're doing. :P

  3. You had me laughing with your mis-guided geese. Guess it's a good thing they weren't carrier pigeons. I empathize with you...I cut ALL the purple 'spikes' for En Provence, & realized they were all the same side, so had to cut more. Sounds like crazy weather for sure!

  4. Yeah, we've had yoyo weather, too. Rain all morning turned to snow tonight as the temperature dropped all day. It's a tad slippery out there at the moment...
    Poor geese. Maybe it was the goofy weather that confused them?

  5. Maybe the geese were trying to get away from the cold weather. :) I'm sorry you are having back pain. Hopefully you can get some relief soon. Have a blessed Christmas!

  6. Ugh! Been there, done that - or something very much like it anyway LOL!!! Glad you caught it at only 15. We always try to get in our medical stuff in at the end of the year too - why not? There are very few ways to save on health care anymore, might as well take advantage of what we can. I was shocked when I woke to see snow on the ground! Not much true, but it was still on the ground yesterday morning. Just one more reason that winter is NOT my thing!!!

  7. It's been a weird autumn, with the temps really warm till that aren't! Oh those wayward geese. Hopefully you've gotten them tamed and have been able to make progress on all your Christmas sewing projects.


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