Saturday, September 21, 2019

On Cloud Nine

But first, Cloud Eight

I was already thinking I didn't want to use the last Rainbow Scrap Challenge color(s) -- brown/black -- in my Chandelier blocks and, as luck would have it, I've run out of the background fabric!  So 8 blocks/month X 9 months yields 72 blocks -- enough to make a 6/5 on-point setting.

RSC 2019 Chandelier blocks
I was short a couple of blocks when I took this picture and later discovered I had a "blip" in my scheme.  I've done a bit of rearranging since this photo, as well.  But, overall, I'm happy with the result.  At this point it will be about 50"x 60".  I need to find the "perfect" fabric for the setting triangles and then I'll decide if it needs a border.

On to Cloud Nine!  I joined a guild near the end of 2018 and it was not long before I volunteered to help the Director of Education who was having to deal with her husband's health issues.  Eventually she moved back to Nashville to be closer to family so I volunteered to take over early this year.  After all (I thought), the programs have been planned for the year, so how hard can it be?

Well, there were two months with nothing scheduled!  I had information about some past programs, but I had no clue what the mindset of the guild was.  Nevertheless, I formulated a plan to have an "audience participation" quilt show with the theme "It Takes Two."  The criteria was two-color quilts, two-fabric quilts, two-block quilts, and two (or more)-person quilts (excluding "quilted by others").  It didn't need to be current work, or even one's own work.  The stories were what I was looking for.

About a dozen members volunteered to show what they had.  Did I think to get any pictures?  NO!  But it was a great success!!  We got SO many compliments and I'm still floating on Cloud Nine.  Time to think about a theme for next year!!

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  1. Best of luck on finding just the right fabric for setting triangles, Libby!

  2. I love the two color quilt theme. I often really like them as the reduction of colors allows me to appreciate the pattern more. I also find them more soothing. Did you get a lot of blue and white quilts? Those tend to be my favorite. Love the title for the program too! Maybe someone in your guild took photos? Does your guild have a newsletter or a blog? I'd love to see the photos too! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Oh I forgot to tell you that I LOVE your quilt top! The chandelier pattern is interesting but i do like your background color!!!

  4. Your chandelier quilt is going to be wonderful! I've liked those blocks all the way along, and always thought that background was so perfect for it. Congratulations on also thinking up such a perfect idea for your guild! I just have a small group of quilty friends here that get together once a month to share what we're working on - but we'd have fun with that topic, too.

  5. I love the chandelier blocks that several are making for RSC. Yours are very pretty with the spotty background fabric.

  6. Your RSC quilt is stunning! What a great idea for your guild's program. No wonder everyone loved it! Audience participation is usually a winner.

  7. it takes two is brilliant! Also, you could have speakers in your guild already who might do a presentation. You could schedule a demo night where 5 people do demos and people circulate.
    LOVE your chandelier quilt! Aren't you fast?? You could always have filled in with colors you liked best instead of brown or black... it's just gorgeous girl! I'll be waiting to see how you border it if you do.

  8. I see the word volunteer in there! LOL The Chandelier reminds me of the beaded curtains of the late 60s. =) I really like it, and look forward to seeing it as you move further along again.

  9. Love those Chandelier blocks! I've added that one to my bucket list. Congrats on the successful Guild meeting, it always feels so good (what a relief) when plans go exactly right.


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