Saturday, February 22, 2020

Bonus Day

... and a laugh 

My whole week had been planned around preparing for guild meeting on Friday.  
Then, on Thursday, this happened.

The officers were in a dither over whether we should cancel the Friday meeting and when the decision should be made.  Since my husband had not been able to make it up one of our hills to get to a meeting at church, I knew the roads would be hazardous for many of us if the conditions didn't improve.  Well, the church made the decision for us!

Even though the roads had improved markedly by Friday morning, I found myself with a free day.  With bonus time on my hands I decided to start cleaning up the fabric/cutting/project storage room.  I have been working on a lecture about vertical quilts so my thoughts were on all the border prints I have collected over the years to make strippy quilts.

Stack o' strippies
I pulled coordinating fabrics for 10 potential quilts!  
I put miscellaneous project boxes back in place.  
And by the end of the day I had at least one surface uncovered.

Room to work!
Today I plan to straighten/restack the fabric shelves.  
The 10 strippy projects will go on a shelf where I can see the fabric in case I need it
for something else before I get around to using it for the intended purpose.  
Do you ever do that?

When I was at the doctor's office two weeks ago, I saw this poster on her wall:

Enjoy the laugh and have a great weekend!


  1. If you were planning for a guild meeting and used your bonus time to gather and reorganize fabric, I guess that means you are feeling better. Yay!!

  2. There's nothing like a free day in the sewing room! Your newly organized stash and ironing spot look great. Hope you will share about vertical quilts on the blog, too!


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