Thursday, February 20, 2020

TOALT - Final Installment

New Zealand

Sorry to be so long getting around to this final installment; I have had the COALT for over a week. 
I averted pneumonia by getting medicines early.  (And no, I haven't had the shots; my bad.)

So what can I say about New Zealand.  Aside from being a group of beautiful islands, it has a fascinating geological and human history.  We circumnavigated the two main islands, beginning with a day-long cruise through the fjords at the south-western end of the South Island.  

We moved at such a leisurely pace it was like floating between the mountains.  These new cruise ships are able to rotate on a dime so at several points we turned-in-place 180 degrees to head back out to sea.

It didn't matter where we were, every sunrise was an experience ...

Sunrise 6/26 - White Island/Whakaari
... as were the sunsets ...

Sunset 1/29 - Bay of Islands
As we meandered up the east coast, each port-of-call was bigger and more developed than the last, ending with the "big" city of Auckland which was much like Sydney, but on a smaller scale.  I think I would have been disappointed to make the trip in reverse order.

Along the way we took a train up a gorge in Port Chalmers/Dunedin ...

... welcomed by steam punk city greeters!  We took a walking tour in Akaroa and shopped for possum wool yarn (more about that later).

Norfolk Island Pine - Akaroa
We took the funicular up to botanic gardens in Wellington ...

Botanic Gardens - Wellington
... and saw interesting Art Deco art and architecture on a walking tour of Napier.

We saw extinct volcanoes ...

Mt. Maunganui, Tauranga
... and active volcanoes ...

White Island / Whakaari
... and things you probably won't see in your own neighborhood!

Get to higher ground!
We visited a winery in Auckland ....

... and saw interesting rock formations in the Bay of Islands.

Hole in the Rock - Bay of Islands
When we returned to Sydney, we took a day trip by ferry across the harbor to the beach at Manly.

All in all it was, indeed, a trip of a lifetime.  We tried to get a lot a variety in the excursions we took.  While there are things we didn't have time to do, or didn't know beforehand that we would want to do, I doubt that I would make that long flight again at my age.  Oh, to be young again.


  1. glad you had the opportunity to see all that you did - must have been a very fun trip - thanks for sharing

  2. So glad you got to experience all this!

  3. Beautiful islands. We visited several years ago. Thanks for the memories. Those possums are something else.

  4. What an amazing experience, Libby - loved your photos! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful photos! It does look like a trip of a life time. I'm glad you were able to experience it. So sorry you had such a bad cold. We must have had it together! Glad you're better.

  6. You got some great pictures, Libby! That first one is TOTALLY quilt-worthy. Sorry to hear you've been so sick, but hoping you are on the mend!


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