Monday, November 2, 2020

Day of the Not-So Dead

 Welcome to November

We woke to Moon and Sun again at 6:30 a.m. CST

Also 27 degrees!  Good thing I brought in my geraniums.  
This young stag (viewed from my sewing room window) was not deterred by the frosty temperatures.

In the quilting room I cut out the last 8 gray monster blocks and hope to finish four before bedtime.


  1. I love that you see deer right out your window! We see rabbits and squirrels and lots of birds. Have fun sewing those monster blocks! I'm headed down for some sewing myself.

  2. Brr!! I guess you guys have turned on the heater by now. We only just did that this morning, as the temperature was down to 61 degrees in the house.

  3. That is so nice, the way Halloween got celebrated on your dock with folks in boats dropping by. Very special. You have quite the life there Libby in your little corner of heaven it seems. I would love to have water nearby like that; my little pond doesn't make the grade. Love to see your photos of the deer...striking that one against that sky.

  4. Beautiful deer! and so weird to wake to the moon!


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