Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Out of Synch

 and the Prodigal Block

Do you ever feel like you are out of synch, that whatever you attempt is not quite right?

Such has been my last two days in the sewing room but, thanks to a Prodigal Block, I think I'm back on track.  At least I hope so!

Over the weekend I made bindings for three of the four tops I am prepping to take to my LAQ (thought I had taken a picture ...) and also selected gray and yellow fabrics for the last eight gray monster blocks.  On Monday I cut those eight blocks with a plan to make four a day.  Instead, I decided to make all eight 9-patch centers and that's when I lost MY center.

Five of the eight were fine.  But I sewed a strip of 3 on the wrong side of one 9P.  On another some of the 2.5" squares were not square so the seams wouldn't line up. And the last 9P just flat-out DISAPPEARED!  I should have stuck to the original plan of four per day ...

Today I was determined to get back on track.  I completed one block.

Then another ...

And before I stopped for lunch I had two more.

AND I fixed the two problem 9Ps.  But where, oh where, was the missing 9-patch?  I could tell by my scraps that I had cut it out.  Could the pieces be stuck to the bottom of something else?  I even enlisted help from my husband to keep his eye out for the missing piece(s).  

As I sat at the lunch table I glanced under my chair in the family room.  There it was!

The prodigal block has returned!  Now I should be able to complete the last four gray blocks this afternoon and move on to the yellow.


  1. I'm glad you day ended on a good note! I'm excited to see your progress on this quilt. I just love these blocks!

  2. I'm glad to hear your prodigal block showed up! The gray and yellow combination is so pretty!

  3. Yes, sometimes one slip can send you tumbling down....glad you found the missing block and can get back up again!

  4. Whoops!! That 9-Patch must have been hungry.

  5. Ha! It just fell behind while trailing you!

  6. These are beautiful. Love the gray and yellow color combination. I am glad you found the missing block.

  7. Great progress, even if you did get a bit sidetracked.


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