Sunday, November 1, 2020

Halloween on Dartmoor

We had heard there would be a Halloween boat parade in the afternoon so I gathered up a few things at Dollar Tree (love that place!) and decorated our dock.

We could only see one other decorated dock from our point.

There was too much slack in the ropes to hang the quilts toward the front point.  We will work on that before next year!

There were about a dozen boats in the parade, most with some form of decoration, though it isn't apparent in my pictures.

We threw bags of hard candy to any boats that ventured close to us.  

With wine and Goldfish crackers, what more could one ask for on a beautiful fall afternoon?


  1. Looks like a beautiful day, and lots of fun! Maybe next year, you'll be out there in a boat? :)

  2. We had a beautiful day, too (and NO trick-or-treaters!)

  3. Sunny here, too, but not warm enough to be out on the water!


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