Friday, November 13, 2020

Quilting with My Peeps

The S'mores began at a guild retreat in 2002 or 2003 with about eight original members.  We chose the name S'mores because we wanted to quilt, eat, laugh, and shop together some more. The mix and number of members have changed over the years, but the purpose has remained the same.

Even though it seems like the S'mores retreat at least once a month, there are only two "official" S'mores retreats -- one in August and another in November.  Fifteen of us gathered this week and this talented group were creating some beautiful things.  Here's just a few ...

Quilt of Valor by Sharon (I think)

Kristin got the binding on her NYGLC table topper from my class several years ago.
(Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin)

Nancy finished her Feathered Star begun at LAB retreat in September.

Sharon whipped up this beauty for Quilts for Cops. She finished it with two borders.

Lynn got this much done in between Zooming her classes at school. I think borders are next.

Mary made these sweet Elizabeth Hartman doxies.  I love the sweaters!

Kim finished the blocks and got this star quilt assembled.

Becky finished her mini-Feathered Star that she began at LAB in September

I prepped this table runner for quilting to be done at home ...

... made 8 yellow monster blocks ...

... and 4 more Bear Paws for Harriett's Legacy.

And a safe and great time was had by all!


  1. Looks like a productive time for all! (And those doxies are adorable!)

  2. What awesome projects, Libby!! Such a talented bunch. SEW wish I could have been there! :o((

  3. Fun to see all the projects, and it looks like you got a lot done! I love the NYGLC tabletopper!


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