Sunday, December 13, 2020

Mystery Solved

 Thank you, Ramona!

Last week I asked for help with a UFO.  

I thought I had been inspired by something I saw on Ramona's blog Doodlebugs and RosebudsInitially she denied any knowledge of it, but a few days ago she remembered a project from April 2019.

Here's her block:

I had erroneously added folded corners on all four units rather than just the two with the large center square.  After seeing her finished project, I decided to make the green the prominent "chain".

Here's Ramona's ...

and here's where I am going with mine ...

I was ready to ditch the whole project, so Thank You, Ramona!  I don't know how big this will be.  At a minimum I will use the pieces I have already cut.  I think it will brighten somebody's room somewhere.


  1. How fun to figure that out! Ramona's quilt is beautiful! I like your pink and green combination, too. Glad you don't have to give up on it!

  2. That is really pretty! I am glad you were able to figure it out! And adding fewer triangles is less work so win, win!

  3. How funny we all make so many quilts we don't remember what we make - I remember now seeing Ramona's version on her blog but I didn't recognize it

  4. I'm sorry my memory failed me at first, but love your blocks! Looking forward to seeing your progress on this one. :)

  5. Oh, good! Solved mysteries are the best mysteries!
    Now we can just relax and watch you go!

  6. Interesting design -- one of those that benefits from the context of seeing all the blocks laid out to see how they fit together.

  7. I went back to Ramona's post but couldn't find a name for this block, Libby. Is it nameless which is a shame as it's quite intriguing how it all looks with many put together. I love your idea of running the green throughout to make it cohesive and steady the overall look. Knowing you, you have lots of pretty greens to pull out for this one.

  8. Let's hear it for Ramona!!! Enjoy the project, Libby.


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