Sunday, March 27, 2022

Lenten Challenge Week 4

I can't say I was able to do a block every day as we had appointments away from home a couple of days.  But I still managed to get seven done by skipping some of the more difficult ones.  In other words, I chose easy ...

Anyway, here's the lineup for the week ... in no particular order.

Shiprah & Puah


Crippled Woman

Mary Magdalene

Martha & Mary

Pilate's Wife


Other than the Marys and Martha, I was not familiar with any of the other women.  I think some times the author has stretched to make a devotional connection, but I am inspired to find out more of their stories.

I've had several comments on my fabric choices so thought I would give you some specifics.  The primary background is from Sarah's Story (Moda), as is the rippley piece I used in Dorcas. Two of the navy pieces are from Indigo Gatherings (Moda).  I also purchased a FQ pack of 100 Years (Andover) but I have been unable to use much of it since it has a lot of white in it.  I've supplemented with some robin's-egg blue TOT pieces from my stash.  When I first fell in love with the navy/light blue combo, I had no idea what I would do with it.  I think this sampler is the perfect place for it.


  1. That's getting to be such a pretty collection of blocks! It's going to make a beautiful sampler quilt when you're finished.

  2. The blues are a wonderful choice for this sampler.

  3. I am loving your fabric choices. It's going to be a beautiful quilt!

  4. Thanks for listing your fabrics, Libby. I used lots of indigos years ago for the Snowball quilt top I made...yet to be quilted, sigh. I just love the way you are combining the lights, mediums and darks. As we know not all blues play well together, but yours are having a ball!


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