Monday, January 30, 2023


I wrote that headline the day before I went back for the second Epley procedure on last Thursday.  That seems to lay me low for at least a day.

Nevertheless, I'm happy to report the vertigo is subsiding, ever so slowly.  My days are pretty good until I bend down to pick something up.  I'm sleeping well, but have to sit on the side of the bed for a minute or so before I get up.  Just knowing what is going on makes me less apprehensive and able to deal with the occasional swoons.

However, it has created a bit of hiatus in my quilting activity.  I have made it downstairs a few times to keep things moving along.  However, my photos are not uploading to the computer so not much to show.

I did a little cleaning up in the fabric/cutting/quilting room and pulled out a pile of projects to take to the next retreat in February.

I also cut some kits to pass on to WOWE for their quilts to comfort dialysis and chemo patients.

I also spent some time thinking about my SAHRR project -- worthy of a post on it's own if I can get to the photos.

DH and I are heading out of town for a couple of weeks soon so don't worry if you don't hear from me.


  1. Glad you're doing better, and I sure hope that continues, Libby! Just don't bend over to pick something up. (Easier said than done, right?!) Enjoy your getaway!

  2. Hope the vertigo subsides while you're traveling. Not fun at any time.

  3. I'm glad the vertigo is subsiding, even if it is slowly. I hope it speeds up and is gone by the time you go out of town and before your next retreat. I had not heard of the Epley treatment, but what I read about it sounds like it would make me tired the next day. Will you have more of those treatments?

  4. Glad the vertigo is getting better, sorry that's it's been hanging on for so long. Enjoy your time away with Your Guy.


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