Monday, January 9, 2023

Rock Island, Rock On!

I headed out in the fog Sunday afternoon, but everything cleared as I headed down the Plateau to Rock Island State Park.  The rest of the crew was already there when I arrived so all I had to do was tote my stuff in.  I had packed judiciously with as much on wheels as I could in case it was raining, but the skies were clear.

We relocate all the living room furniture so that we can all five sew in there.

I quickly applied myself to Crossroads, an easy project I learned about from Connie at Free Motion by the River.

I had most of the blocks done so it was a simple matter to stitch them in rows, then assemble the rows into a quilt.  I was able to finish the top Sunday night, but my photos have been slow to load.  I love the cheerful scrappiness of this one.  The finished size is 60x72.  It will go to one of my donation locations.

Monday morning I opened a box of 4-patch posies left over from a class I had taught several years ago.  I had decided to make alternate hourglass blocks.  I knew it would be unbalanced because of the limited number of blocks I had.  In the end, I resorted to substituting two solid squares in lieu of posies, but with the busy fabric they are not easily discernable.  

I have plans for borders that will amplify the unbalance and make it large enough for a wheelchair quilt.  However, I need to check my cheat sheet for mitered borders which is at home, so this project went back in the box.

I took a few minutes to frame this little sunflower block and to cut the back.  It will become a table mat once batting is included.

And, finally, I attached the last three rows to Women of the Bible.

Tomorrow I will start a new project that should take all day (or more).  And it will be only Tuesday!  We'll see how the week pans out.


  1. looks like everyone has a SewEzi table - I have two of different sizes and never use them anymore! that was a lot of work moving all the furniture out - but hey if you had fun

  2. You are SEW productive at retreats, Libby! Wish I was there, too. Tell everyone that I said hello and happy quilting!

  3. Looks like you are having a great retreat! Does everyone bring food, or is it provided at the place where you are staying?

  4. You've been very productive at your retreat! I love how your Women of the Bible quilt came together. The blues are just beautiful.


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