Saturday, April 29, 2023

Week in Review

Monday I drove to the clinic in town for blood work and a chest X-ray prior to my annual physical next week.  On Tuesday I went to the clinic in the Glade for that annual procedure every woman looks forward to.  I spent most of Wednesday working on a church project.  I did a little yardwork one of those days and my aching back let me know it was a bit much.  Thursday was a free day so I sewed!

I managed to finish all my squirrel blocks for what I am calling Diamond Duo (in-progress photo below). 

I fired up EQ-7 on the old laptop and, after it finally ground to life, I worked up several setting options based on the photo I was working from.  Since I am making my version a little smaller, none of my settings looked quite as dynamic as the original, so I have put the blocks in time-out until I have design wall space large enough to lay it all out.  That could very well be at the next retreat in November!

Friday was a comfort quilt sew day with the guild.  We were divided into groups of 4, each group given a kit that had been assembled by the committee.  Our little group was first to get started and the only group with a finished quilt top.

We used fusible interfacing to create the 16-patch and 9-patch units.  Not my preferred method, but when you have 20 sewers, each with their on PPM (Personal Private Measurement, according to Mary Ellen Hopkins), it helped standardize the finished product.  We still have two shoeboxes full of 2-1/2" squares; I hope the next project is a little easier!

Grocery shopping early today and watching golf on the deck in a little while.  What an exciting life I have!


  1. It's important to get those medical chores out of the way - so glad you did! I haven't tried the fusible interfacing method for making those kinds of blocks. If it helps make the seam allowances more consistent, I'm all for it! Your group definitely made a beautiful quilt top.

  2. I wouldn't want to use the fusible but understand your groups reasoning for it

  3. Glad your medical stuff is done - that's always a relief. I look forward to seeing your Diamond Duo come out of time-out.

  4. Medical appointments are necessary, but never fun. Glad you got time to play in your sewing room. Hope those blocks come out of time out soon, they are too fun to stay out of action for long.

  5. We have the same kind of routine, regular medical tests to keep up, etc. That's a lovely finished quilt from the group and I also love the placement for the wip you are calling Diamond Duo. So interesting!

  6. LOVE that Diamond Duo quilt layout and your group's donation top!!


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