Thursday, December 7, 2023

The Projects from Center Earth

 I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post (Thanks to those who reached out and said they missed me).  I have been trying to weed out some stuff and all I've accomplished is a bigger mess.

That's my cutting table.  Kinda makes it difficult to get much done in the quilting department!  You may recall that back in October I had a failed start with On the Up and Up, an AP&Q pattern that I had seen on Nann's blog (With Strings Attached).  I had assumed my pre-cut squares were 2-1/2" when, in fact, they were 2-5/8".

So I decided to go back to that baby quilt to jump-start my sewing mojo.  I wasn't too far into the project when I realized I was constructing the blocks incorrectly.  Because the pattern download was in black and white, I had a hard time distinguishing what was supposed to be background squares.  I had to deconstruct the blocks in order to deconstruct strips of three squares.  I let the bits and pieces "mature" on my design wall for a bit.  Maybe a quick and easy project like a jelly roll race would give me satisfaction ...

... NOT!  I finally decided it was time to wrap up the baby quilt and today I have a finished top!


  1. LOL at your table - that is why I clean mine up every day - otherwise I have no room to sew - limited space will do that

  2. I love the "On the Up and Up" design! So glad you got your blocks figured out. They turned into a beautiful quilt!

  3. Very colorful and fun baby quilt! When cleaning the sewing room, I try to keep my cutting table clean, everything stops when I can't get to it.

  4. Haha, I recognize creativity when I see it! Your table looks a bit like mine, and I just move piles around as I go - lol! Your baby quilt is really pretty - what a nice finish!

  5. Oh, how colorful! And the border is absolutely perfect. (But I agree that even a simple design can be tricky.) Welcome back to blog land.


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