Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Has Fell - with deference to Pogo

It's amazing what a couple of frosty nights will do to the trees.  In a matter of days the maples in our neighborhood have developed varying shades of glinting gold, radiant red, and blazing orange.  Unfortunately the trees on our hillside are mostly walnut and oaks -- they just turn brown.  But I do have this view out of my kitchen window:

The lawn maintenance crew was here Tuesday afternoon.  Since we have very little lawn to speak of, they spend most of their time picking up sticks and blowing leaves out of the beds and off hard surfaces.  By Wednesday morning this is what the path down to the driveway looked like:

My garden angel takes it all in stride.

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  1. Our backyard also went from grassy to leaf-strewn in a single day.


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