Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Tip for Tuesday

Today I offer a tip on organization.

These clear Protect-n-Stor plastic storage boxes can be found in the scrapbooking section at Jo-Ann.  The are about half the cost of other similar storage boxes and they are frequently on sale with other storage options (like Monday when all storage was 60% off).

They have an inside dimension of 12x12 which accommodates flat storage of blocks less than 12".  I can stack five of these in an Itso cube from Target.

So how do I use these?  I kit up projects which I definitely plan to make and for which I have selected fabric by cutting the basic strips and pieces so that I can return the remainder of the fabric into circulation on my shelves.  I also write notes to myself about where I left off and what I plan to do because it can be months before I get back to the project.  I go a step further and label the box if the project requires any special tools. 
That way if I want to grab a project to take to a retreat or sit 'n' sew I know what tools I will need.  And if I am missing that tool, I can quickly check to see if I left it in the box the last time I worked on the project  (it happens more than I want to admit ;D)
I've been accused of being OCD.  Not sure about the O part, but the fact I have 50 of these boxes prepared definitely makes me guilty of the C part!!
I'd love to hear about and share tips from my readers.  Look for another tip next Tuesday.


  1. What a great idea... knowing you have 50 makes me feel better about myself!! LOL


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