Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Stash Report

When I took this picture I realized I only bought 10, not 12, fat quarters last weekend so I can deduct a half yard <g> .
Moda's "Collection for a Cause" Millbook Series ca. 1835. 
Sales benefit the American Quilt Study Group
If you have even the slightest interest in antique quilts, you should check out AQSG. 
There is probably a regional quilt study group in your area --
a great way to learn more about quilts and fabrics.

I'm crediting myself for the half yard miscounted last week.  And I gifted a friend with a yard of batik for her birthday yesterday.

Beginning total:  13 yds.
Incoming:  0
Outgoing:  1-1/2 yds
Current total:  11-1/2 yds.

I didn't get the backs done that I had hoped to.  This project  -- Cindi Edgerton's "Tall Tree" -- has a higher priority.  I should be able to count it out next week as it needs to be finished by Thanksgiving.  Once I add a border it will be ready to become a quilt.  A little embellishment with buttons to hang ornaments and it will be ready to go.  I used mostly scrap greens and the whites came out of my FQ collection.  The border -- well, do you ever buy fabric because it's cute but then realize the "cute factor" won't hold up to cutting it into small pieces?

That's the story for this fabric.  I think it will make a perfect border.

I'm also making progress on Cathedral Stars.  All blocks are finished and I actually have one corner section complete.  The setting triangles and borders are cut.  Hoping to get a few more rows put together.

I will be making two backs for quilts I'm sending to Terry at Quilt Crazie for tornado victims in Washington, IL.

Linking up to Patchwork Times.

Best wishes for a pleasant Thanksgiving to all!


  1. Thank you for sharing about AQSG. ~Melanie

  2. Very cool looking tree....paper pieced?? Your border fabric will look wonderful, very festive.

    1. Yes, paper pieced on tissue. Not as easy to work with as I had anticipated because the chunks of fabric were so large and the tissue so wimpy. I wasn't concerned about accuracy, though, considering what this will be used for. It's as tall as a door!!

  3. Tall Tree is very cute. The border fabric is just right.

  4. Love your tree and what you'll be using as the border. Indeed cutting it up smaller would take away from its charm. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.


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