Friday, December 6, 2013

A Friday Finish

We have not experienced any ice or snow, yet.  Tomorrow could be another story.  I hope you are safe and warm.  (Sorry, Son, I know you're suffering.)

If you're reading from a Northern clime you probably think we Southerners are all softies.  I spent enough time in the Midwest -- Arkansas and Kansas -- to have learned how to negotiate snowy roads.  But you need to understand that we live on a hill -- a VERY steep hill -- and we have an invalid mother living with us who requires 24-hour care.  So every time the weather gets touchy I worry about how we would handle a health emergency.  We've been lucky for over 5 years; I know our day is due ......

So, to keep my mind off impending doom <g> I spent the morning in the studio cutting Clue 2 for Bonnie Hunter's mystery.  I even sewed one unit, just to see how it goes.  I'm not sure about the yellow plaid ....  I'll draw the lines and pin sets together at guild on Monday.  Then work on them at retreat.

This afternoon I finished the binding on my new Christmas wall hanging.  We don't always put up a tree, especially if it's our year to go to Arkansas for the holiday, so I thought this would be an attractive substitute.  It is a panel, very easy to put together.  And my quilter did a beautiful job on the quilting.  (It's not hanging crooked, I was standing crooked. LOL)

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  1. Actually, we're good here. Probably won't be safe to leave the house for the next three days, but we're fully stocked on food, and the power is on, so we're warm and well-fed and playing games. Looking forward to a day of football tomorrow. Next potential trouble spot is Sunday, when more winter weather is due, but it's not supposed to be heavy. It's just that nothing's going to melt any time soon; not getting above freezing for any length of time until Monday, when the high will be in he mid-30s.


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