Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Eve Eve (a/k/a Celtic Monday)

Clue 1:  Done! 
Clue 3:  Done!
Clue 2:  Almost there ;)

Clue 4 - 4-Patch Blocks
As easy as Clue 4 is, I've only managed to make 35 4-patch blocks in between the busy-ness of last week.  I have the strip sets sewn for the remainder and the parts will go with me to Arkansas tomorrow, along with the unfinished chevrons.  Hoping to have some sewing time in the lull following the Christmas morning excitement and in between games with the kids (young and old) and walks and meals and games ..... you get the picture. LOL

We had DS#1 and family over yesterday for an early Christmas.  While the older adults were having a serious discussion about who-knows-what, the two 20-somethings started joking soto voce, turning over their tickle-boxes.  I laughed so hard my sides hurt!  So glad GS#1 made it safely from DC; he said the tornado sirens were going off when his plane hit (literally) the tarmack at BNA Saturday night. 

SIL is here to take care of her mother while we get a break from care-giving to spend time with DS#2 and family.  9-yr-old CG is getting a layer cake and a very easy quilt pattern.  I am looking forward to having some quality sewing time with her while we're there.  She has been knitting since she was 5 and sewing since I gave her my small machine last year.  She's always "up" for a craft project.  Will post pictures (with Mom's approval, of course).

Best wishes and travel blessings to all.  Merry Christmas!

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  1. Wow, what a perfect green dotted fabric for Celtic Solstice! Good luck catching up over Christmas with your units ( my plan as well). Hope you have a great time with your family - and some sewing time w your CG.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas to you, too, Barb. I hope you get some time to sew over the holiday.

  2. I love your green fabric! I think your quilt is going to look fabulous.
    Good luck catching up - I've decided I'm going to continue at a snail's pace and be content. LOL
    Merry Christmas.

    1. Snails eventually reach their destination, too. I'm sure when you see the final layout you will want to pick up the pace.

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  4. Great Christmas light fabric!

    Happy Christmas, and I hope you manage to find some sewing time amongst all the festivities.

  5. Wonderful four patches, love the bright colors.

  6. Wonderful green spotted fabric, just love it!


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