Friday, December 27, 2013

A Friday Finish

My grand-daughter is 9, in the 4th grade.  She has been knitting since she was 5.  Her mother got a new sewing machine from DS#2 for Christmas two years ago and it wasn't long after that CG expressed an interest in sewing.  So last Thanksgiving I passed on my inexpensive Janome which thrilled her mother since she is rather protective of her grandmother's Featherweight and her own Janome Magnolia.  This prompted an immediate search for the proper sewing table and within a week CG had made an 11-foot chain of felt circles, pushing one after another under the presser foot, getting a feel for speed and control. 
CG's First Sewing Project

By last Christmas she had made a simple bean bag and this year she made a lovely pillow case for her bed (which I forgot to photograph ;o ).

Rejoice!  The last seam!
For Christmas I gave her a Moda Layer Cake and a very easy pattern called Layer Cake Lemonade which I learned about from Jo at Jo's Country Junction.  (Free from  Christmas night we organized the 10-inch squares into 2 groups, then further divided into four groups of 5 and three groups of 6.  She started sewing early Thursday morning and had all groups of 5 together and one group of 6 before we went out to lunch.  That afternoon she was able to get the whole quilt top together.  Toward the end I was pinning the next long seam as she was stitching unsupervised.  She did amazingly well with her 1/4" seam, even though this pattern is VERY forgiving.  Absolutely NO seams to match. 

I would recommend Layer Cake Lemonade for any beginning quilter, especially the youngest.

Layer Cake Lemonade

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