Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hanging the Greens and Sunday Stash Report

I stayed completely away from the sewing room yesterday and concentrated on decorating for Christmas.  Keeping it low-key this year with a minimum of objects that will have to be put away again in January. 
I love being decorated; hate the cleanup.  I reckon because it falls primarily on me and I'm never sure if it's appreciated.  It was a lot different when the kids were younger and I still go the extra mile when the little ones are going to be here.  One new thing this year:  lights on the deck railing.  Well, they will be when the ice melts this morning and it warms up enough to drive a few tacks in the railing.

My plans to make a dent in the stash last week by making a couple of backs got waylaid by Celtic Solstice.  I was determined to finish clue 1 before the second one came out on Friday.  Happy to report I did!  But I can't count it out till the quilt top is finished.

I did add a Moda "Scrumptious" Layer Cake that I have been looking for since October.  At least it was on sale!  I bought several other pre-cuts at the same time, but since they are gifts and already wrapped I'll save myself the trouble of adding and subtracting.

My stash report for the first week of December 2013:
     Last reported = 5.5 yds
     In = +3 yds
     Out - nothing to count
     Total enhancement since Oct 1 - +8.5 yds

With our small group Christmas Retreat coming up this week, I have great plans to finish Cathedral Stars.  Plus I have two new projects that could be finished if I apply myself.  There will be a lot of gifting, eating, and laughing, so I'm not sure how much sewing will get done!

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  1. Your decorations look lovely. I try to decorate a little less each year, but DH is very into it. Fortunately, he helps on both ends. Take care.

    1. Thanks. I'll have to take back a little of my resentment; DH has researched the internet and found some kind of clips to hold the lights that fit over railings. Of course, the clips will probably cost twice as much as the lights! I won't say a word ......

  2. Great time with great friend makes many happy memories. I agree that it is harder to decorate when they aren't any little ones, watching them enjoy it is so special.

  3. I love reading back through the blog. Microwave death, inconvenient but MUCH better than in the middle of big meal preparations.

    ROFL--I put the name of my machine on the back (yes, they have names). I'll have to remember to put my name on there too!!


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