Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Training Camp and Stash Report

Peg Bingham, known both for her Celtic designs and hosting The Quilt Camp in October, is trying something new with Spring Training Camp.  Fortunately the predicted bad weather on Wednesday night left only a dusting.  (Nevertheless, DH and I opted to come in early as the area of WV we were coming from was due to get a pretty hard hit of snow and ice.)

I am taking a Summer Solstice class.  This is my first Judy Niemeyer pattern.  I'm glad several of my friends have done others so I had a general idea of what to expect.  All I have been able to complete in two days is eight double New York Beauty blocks.  Still struggling with what fabric to put where in the Lone Star center.  I'd put in a picture here, but working on this tablet without a mouse (didn't think I'd need it -- ha!) is giving me fits. Plus, I keep "losing" my pictures in the cloud.  I know, they're up there somewhere, just haven't had time to look for them.  LOL. So you'll just have to wait till next week. 

We'll be wrapping things up this morning.  All-in-all,  it's been a pleasant retreat.  The weather has warmed up, making walking around the lake a pleasure.  Main Man and I will be heading south after lunch, hoping to get out before rough weather moves back into NW WV.  Tomorrow he will deposit me at the hotel in Pigeon Forge where I'll hook up with seven quilting buddies for a week of classes, shopping, and giggles.

Now for my weekly stash report.

On the way to Cedar Lakes Conference Center, site of Spring Training Camp, I visited The Sewing Gallery in Princeton, WV, a pleasant little shop with a small but delicious fabric inventory.  There I acquired these linen-look gold, cream, and blue to use in Quilt of Valor blocks for Kevin the Quilter's block drive.

I also visited A Quilt Nook in Ripley, WV, another small shop with a very congenial staff.  I couldn't resist these beautiful red, red/black, and blue/black Batiks.  They might make an appearance in my Summer Solstice.

And, finally, I received a fat quarter in my goodie bag on arriving at Spring Training Camp.

In this Week:            8.0 yards
In year to Date:      59.75 yards
Out this Week:          0.0 yards
Out Year to Date:   62.0 yards
Net Used 2014:       2.25 yards

I'll continue to post from Pigeon Forge next week.  So stay tuned for all the fun and frivolity of this annual event.

I'd hook up with Judy at Patchwork Times, but I've not been able to get to her site all week.  Anybody else having that problem?  Could be the WiFi here at camp that's not cooperating.

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