Monday, April 7, 2014

Another Monday

The ole design wall was kinda empty.  The sewing room was a mess.  Lethargy had set in.

"A Pretty Package"
What's a girl to do?

Why, start a new project,
of course!
An early Christmas gift for me.
Pattern and fabric purchased in Pigeon Forge.

I know, I'm breaking my self-imposed rule of finishing two UFOs before I start a new one.  But Self gave me permission in order to get me out of first gear.  Or was I in reverse?  Hmmm ....

Sometimes that's what it takes to jumpstart the sewing mojo.

And, technically, I did have two finishes last week (see Friday and Sunday posts), albeit both were new projects.  Uh oh, I think I see a pattern developing here.

The important thing is I'm sewing again and there will be fabric going out of my stash, right?

I couldn't get a picture of the deer herd yesterday because my camera battery was dead, dead, dead.  But after a quick charge I snapped this creature as it waddled through the woods.  She was sitting for quite a while under the burning bushes (no, they were not on fire) overlooking the driveway.  By the time I got the battery charged she had moved on and blended into the woodsy backdrop.

Wild Turkey
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  1. Oh what fun your Christmas quilt will be! I love the ornament fabric. We need to do whatever it takes to get our sewing mojo going, so I say bring on the new projects! The UFO's will always be there waiting. :)

    1. Thanks, Ramona. The quilt is supposed to be "quilt as you go" but I couldn't see me wrangling all that fabric through my machine so I'm strip piecing

  2. Getting the sewing mojo back is definitely "the important thing"! I love that pattern - I'm afraid I'd have to start on it immediately too :)


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