Sunday, April 27, 2014

What a Difference a Week Makes ...

Both in Nature and in my Stash.....

AQS Show Entrance

When I left for Paducah last Sunday, the flowering trees were at their peak and the leafing trees were just showing signs of life.  Every day on my trip into town from our cabin at Kentucky Dam State Park I noticed more and more green.  I'd say now, a week later, that the trees are full.  So nice to see so much green after the winter we had. (And I know so many of you had it SO much worse than we did.)

When I left, the rhododendron looked like this:

Rhoddy 4-20-14

When I returned today:

Rhoddy 4-27-14

It has not been nearly as robust the last two years as it was previously.  I hope I have not done anything to adversely affect it.  I really think the biggest issue is the groundwater that comes from the hill, under the retaining wall, and through the bed where it lives.  We investigated fixing the groundwater issue but it's out of our budget.

Stash when I left for Paducah a week ago:
     Net Used 2014:       -41.75 yards   

Stash report this week:
     In this Week:            53.5 yards
     In year to Date:      157.25 yards
     Out this Week:          0.0 yards
     Out Year to Date:   62.0 yards
     Net Used 2014:      -95.25

I tried to shop with a purpose, but I'm sure you know how it goes ....

Quilt In A Day 

At Eleanor Burns new location -- looks like an old firehall -- I bought several reds as potential ribbon candidates for "A Pretty Package".  Also got 4 yards for a potential stacked repeat project.  I'm just hooked on One Block Wonder quilts, but I might end up using this one for a Sara Nephew/Marci Baker Serendipity quilt.  And a few silvery grays snuck into my bag for a Christmas wall hanging.

I could not resist Hancock's of Paducah great deals on Bali Crackers (10" squares) and Bali Pops (2.5" strips).  Plus I simply HAD to have a kit for "When Bali Met Sochi."  Add a few cuts of reds and blues and I had already shot my budget by Monday.

And, frankly, the rest of the week I only added a yard here and there.  About 2.5 yards of  black and white FQs, 3.5 yards of a unique batik border from a Vermont Shop Hop, a yard of Effervescence for bargello...

I am so sorry that my path did not cross yours if you were in Paducah last week.  Would have loved to at least share a "Hi" and a hug.  Should we look forward to Chattanooga in September?

In the meantime

Keep Calm
Quilt On

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  1. I'm sure hoping to go to Chattanooga! Sounds like you found some great deals :) I LOVE the When Bali met Sochi quilt and plan to make one of my own that is very similar. I'll use crumbs and make it much smaller :)

    1. I wanted to make a Sochi quilt as soon as I saw the quilt motifs on everything. Probably could have done it with what I have, but so much easier when all the colors are kitted up for you. I will probably use Jan Krentz's technique for the diamonds, and I want the diamonds to go vertically and fade into white at the bottom.

  2. sounds like the stash is winning your recent bouts! Oh dear. Have to admit it is good to read your stats as they make mine look really good. A yard here and a yard there soon adds up... but not telling you anything LOL. I am collecting black and white fabrics so my eyes lit up when I read you bought some of those.


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