Friday, April 18, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday

Springtime on The Hill - Redbud

Though we both say we're from Music City (Nashville), there's a whole county separating me from Teresa in Music City.  I've long admired Teresa's lovely blog, A Quilt and a Prayer, so I asked if she'd meet me halfway to share some blogging pointers with me.

Tuesday was the appointed day; we decided to meet at Micky Ds in my old neighborhood where we knew there would be WiFi.  I couldn't remember what time we had set, and Teresa had her days mixed up.  But we finally made connection and am I glad!

Teresa was able to affirm that I am doing many things right.  And the serious questions I had she was able to either show me or point me to other blogs with tutorials. 

One that I think will be particularly helpful is Sew at Home Mummy who is doing a weekly series, "Beautify Your Blog".  She is doing screen-capture videos, starting with how to back up your blog and inserting a button in your post or on the sidebar.  I plan to watch the videos on my laptop while performing the exercises on the tablet.

So you may see some changes here in future weeks.  The first thing you may notice (if you've been a frequent visitor) is the "Follow Me" button on the right sidebar.  When I dropped out of Google+ (the reason I was showing up as a "no reply" blogger, BTW), I lost that list of friends.  I'm not sure that they were getting notified of new blog posts like "followers" will.  So please take the time to click the button and become a follower.

Dust to Dawn

Also Coming Soon

So many of you commented on my original design "Dusk to Dawn" that I am planning a tutorial/quilt along beginning sometime in May.  I have to learn how to make pages and set up a linky party first!!  All things that Sew at Home Mummy and others have covered.  So start thinking about what fabric you want to use.  It takes just two contrasting fabrics.  But you can also use many different fabrics in two different colors.  Fat quarters work especially well.  Ah, something to shop for at Paducah ..... just sayin'.

And Another Thing

Look at my rhododendron bud -- just about to pop open.

Rhoddy Bud
They are usually at their peak around Mother's Day.  I hope I don't miss it being gone all next week.  Also, note the lovely lavender azalea in the background.  I love the color.  Too bad they are hidden behind the rhododendron.

Lavender Azalea
And, Finally, a Question

What is this?  The leaves are quite large and the back of the leaves is a deep crimson.  It gets a scraggly yellow bloom on a tall stalk later in the summer.

What is this?
Here's hoping you're finally enjoying some Springtime where you are.  We had what should be our last frost earlier this week.  Bring on the blooms!

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  1. I love your quilt Libby!!! I could see it done in a lot of different fabrics, but I think it best highlights the great design with these fabrics :) Really enjoyed the meet-up and looking forward to doing it again sometime soon!

    1. Thanks, Teresa. And thanks for all your help getting the word out.

  2. I popped over from Teresa's blog and am now following you too! LOVE your Dusk to Dawn and look forward to learning how to make one for myself!!! Now I have to check out Sew at Home Mummy...I need help too!!!

    1. Welcome! So glad to have you tagging along. Please tell your friends about the Quilt-Along. Hope to be up and running in early May.

  3. I am your newest follower. Your red bud is gorgeous. I always love the beautiful "rhoddies" that we see when we travel. We have the smaller versions - the azaleas - in our area.

    Your quilt is lovely and will make a wonderful QAL.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I visited your blog a couple of days ago to check out your X&+ quilt. Gorgeous! I spent 8 years in GA where there were wild azaleas in the woods along with rhododendron and mountain laurel in the mountains. I miss them.

  4. Hi Libby. I'm here from A Quilt and a Prayer. I love redbuds and they were the first thing I remember about Tennessee as we traveled through the first time. Now I find them in other states too. They are a fav of mine. Also love "Dusk to Dawn" and will be looking for your tutorial. Sorry I can't commit to the QAL as I'm "overbooked" for now. Thanks for the info on the blog help. We can always use that! (just in case I show up here as a no-reply blogger)

    1. Welcome, Marsha! Thanks for stopping by. Like you, redbud along the highway makes me smile.


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