Monday, April 28, 2014

Rainy Monday

This is a good day to stay inside -- we're getting the rain and potential severe storms that hit Arkansas last night.  I'm happy to report that Son #2 and family incurred no damage; they are about 5 miles from Mayflower, AR.

So while it would be a good day to be sewing, I have two upcoming lectures, one class, and a guild program to prep for.  One lecture is a new topic (fabric selection for stacked repeats) and the other (Six Ideas for 6" Squares) is an oldie-but-goodie that needs to be updated for PowerPoint.  The class is Irish Grandmother.  I typically offer new classes to my guild free of charge if they will be my Beta testers.  I have until October to iron out any wrinkles.

"Playing With Blocks"
IF I were sewing today, I'd be Playing with Blocks.

You may have noticed a button on my right side bar that says I am a certified teacher for Quilt with Marci Baker.  Periodially we teachers are asked to test a new pattern and comment.

You may be thinking, "that's not a new pattern."  No, it was originally published by Marci as "Not Your Grandmother's Tumbling Blocks."  Later, when Marci teamed with Sara Nephew, it appeared in ABC 3-D along with a number of Sara's more popular 3-D patterns from Big Book of Building Block Quilts.

Because it is sometimes difficult to require the purchase of a book for a class on just one project, Marci is now re-issuing some of her older patterns, along with some new designs, as stand-alone patterns with improved graphics.  Frankly, when you get right down to it, the 16 projects in ABC 3-D are a much better value.  Just sayin'.....

"Playing with Blocks"

If you click on the Quilt with Marci Baker button, it will take you to her website.  She has an outstanding series of videos that not only cover using the Clearview Triangle 60-degree ruler, but also binding and other basics of quilting.  Check it out.

And while you are surfing, hop over to Patchwork Times to see what other quilters are working on.


  1. Love your blocks! The colors are wonderful.

    1. Thanks, Ramona. They are so easy to make. I don't have quite enough to make a decent sized quilt so this one will probably go to a baby sometime in the future. Hope you are safe and dry today.


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