Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

I had a beautiful day Monday.  Big Brother emailed, Middle Brother called, #2 Son called, (dinner out with #1 Son Saturday), a candy bar bouquet, cards from all corners ....

The day was spent at guild.  I was late preparing for the program, basic flying geese, but it went well.  The series is Back to Basics - Quilting 101.  I am trying to lay a foundation so that even the most experienced quilter can recognize they have the ability and knowledge to do anything, even without a pattern.  Yes, there are skeptics; but I have a loyal group of 6 or 7 who are following along and doing a great job.

An update on stash:  Nothing in, nothing out, no change.

An update on design wall:  While my Main Man was out of town last week and I was on MIL duty, I made major progress on "A Pretty Package".

A Pretty Package
I need to find a suitable red for the ribbon and bow when I'm in Paducah next week. 

And I started this One Block Wonder from fabric I purchased at Pappy's in Maryville, TN last month.

One Block Wonder

I just slapped blocks up on the wall as I made them; final layout may have to wait until guild retreat next month.  I knew it would be monochromatic, but I didn't get as much variety in the blocks as I had hoped. So I'm going to add some 3-D cubes for variety and to make it a little bigger. Since red is my accent color in the living room, I've decided this will be a throw for the sofa.

Thank you for visiting.

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