Saturday, December 12, 2015

Coming Out

... I admit ...

Regular readers may have noticed a slight change in my quilting direction over the last few months. Now I'm ready to come out of the closet and admit -- drum roll -- I've joined the Music City Modern Quilt Guild.

That's not to say I've given up traditional quilting altogether; Heaven knows I have too many traditional UFOs to abandon cold turkey!

I found myself drawn to new fresh colors and minimalist designs. And I just wanted to understand what the "modern movement" is all about.  Please don't ask me to define it; I'm still learning.  But what I CAN tell you is that even at my 71 years I find the energy of these young women very contagious.

Today was the annual holiday party and gift exchange. I am excited to show what I made for my exchange partner .

The QAYG pattern is "Come Fly With Me" designed by Karen Montgomery.

The strips are from a Bali Pop and the solids I snuck out of the Yoder's Row-by-Row kit, probably Kona.

The back is "Black, White & Current" (Henry Glass).

Whew! I feel so much better ....


  1. That is one of the best parts of quilting - always something new to explore. December's theme seems to be Flying Geese and it looks like you are having fun with them.

  2. Whoever get your gift is going to love it. The back is as beautiful as to the front. I am glad you are having fun with the modern quilt guild. You can never have too many quilting friends. I'm glad you're having such a great time with them.

  3. Your exchange partner is very very lucky! I have to admit I love both sides of that goosey wonder. 8)
    Quilting and knitting are alike - there is always something else to learn. That's what I love about both. Good luck in your new adventure, as you learn new things!

  4. I saw that pattern the other day and love it. Yours looks great! I am drawn to the bright, freshness of modern quilting, too. Enjoy!

  5. Lovely quilt for your exchange partner! The front is great, but the back is spectacular! I think we all have a little modern, a little traditional in us. A couple years ago fabric designer Tula Pink coined a word for it - Modernitional. Enjoy your exploration into all the quilty styles that appeal to you.

  6. "Never say never" is so true in quiltmaking. Styles evolve, our taste changes . . . I think we can have a foot in two camps and a hand in two more (like a game of Twister) and still have enough inspiration for three lifetimes! I like your column of geese very much. Be sure to show us what you get in return.

  7. All the possibilities for quilts is what keeps it fresh. Dabbling in new styles and fabrics is part of the joy of it all. Your version of Come Fly with Me is gorgeous. Your partner is sure to love it.


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