Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gone ...

... But Not Forgotten

When I heard that the guild I used to belong to (and still visit from time to time) is looking for bed-size quilts to replenish its charity quilt inventory, I decided to release a few tops, letting the guild take care of getting them quilted.  Some already had backs and/or binding prepared.

Spinning Rails - large lap
For several years I taught Spinning Rails, a design by Carol Britt at Sew What Fabrics & Batiks Etcetera in Wytheville, VA. This was a sample top to show a different fabric style and colorway from my quilted version. It's still one of my favorite quilt patterns -- so easy with several variations. Since I've reduced my teaching schedule, I felt I could part with this top. It would be easy to whip up another sample if the need arises.

Not So Easy Street - short twin
You will probably recognize this one as Bonnie Hunter's 2013 mystery, Easy Street. It was the first mystery I participated in, so I went by her colors. I just never fell in love with this one (polite translation, I despised it). Happy to get it out of my stack of tops TBQ (to be quilted).

Christmas Dash - twin
This pattern is Churn Dash from the book More Nickel Quilts. The fabrics had been cut for another Christmas quilt that I didn't care for after making one (of three), so I searched for something I could use the cut large squares in. (The first quilt from these fabrics went to the Washington, IL tornado recovery.)  Churn Dash is one of my favorite blocks and I love the secondary pattern of ribbons running through the blocks when they are set together. Even though there are no obviously Christmas fabrics in this top, I didn't need another Christmasy quilt and knew this one would go to a good cause, eventually.

Toile Nines - twin
These 9-patches used up some leftover strips. The gold toile fabric had been in my stash for a while, along with the coordinating gold solid. The pattern , Notable 9-Patch, was a free download from www.allpeoplequilt.com. However I simplified the pattern by making red/gold hourglass blocks to go between the 9-patches for a straight set instead of adding corners to the 9-patches and toile for a diagonal setting.

Candy Dish - full
The pattern is Beach Party; I found it in More Nickel Quilts when I was looking for something that would use up a collection of bright 2-1/2" strips and 5" charm squares. Seeing a full photo of it now I can really see how the pattern developed. (And I can see a twisted 4-patch!!!)

With the exception of Spinning Rails, all these quilt tops were finished in 2015. I know the guild will find a home for these quilts and I feel a few pounds lighter!


  1. I donate quilts to my former quilt guild also. It is such a win-win situation. Your quilts will find their way to someone who will love them - what more can you ask for?

  2. So does this mean you can start lots more quilts, what with all that freed-up room?
    (I now see the twisted 4patch, too, but only after a diligent search. Which means it doesn't really exist, right?)

  3. Good for you to pass the flimsies along! It's sort of like ripping off a bandaid -- you dread the thought, then it hurts a little, but afterword: ahhh!

  4. Really nice donations. I know that they will appreciate them. And now you can start something else that you like now! Sharon B in Franklin

  5. What a great way to cut down the UFO pile. They will all go to good causes.


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