Saturday, February 27, 2016

Scrappy Saturday


I actually like brown.  I have some beautiful browns in my stash.

But the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, in my mind anyway, is to encourage using up scraps.  Turns out my brown scraps are just that -- (s)crap.

My intention was (still is) to finish Smith Mountain Morning this month. However, I discovered that my use of brown scraps in the cornerstone/log cabin blocks yielded some really unattractive blocks (think baby poop). No, I'm not going to ditch what I've done; I'm just having a hard time getting excited about finishing it.

While I was dithering over what to do about the SMM situation, I decided to use the leftovers to make some string blocks. (Sorry, the lighting stinks in the corner where my design wall is.)

Even these lack character, but I think they will be neutralized when they are grouped with some earlier brown string blocks.

My sewing room/studio had become such a shambles that I am embarrassed to show a "before" photo, so this week I decided I had to clear out a pile every day before I could sit at the sewing machine. In the process I came across some Wink & a Smile blocks. 

Coincidentally they were mostly brown (or shades thereof) so I thought I could substitute them for my OMG (One Monthly Goal).  Turns out I didn't have enough of the (really weird) background fabric to complete the full quilt as planned -- probably why it wasn't finished -- so I decided to make two smaller quilts.

This involved a lot of reconstruction in order to balance the background fabrics (more on that later) and this is where I currently stand.

W&S with plain background

W&S with dotted background

Earlier in the week I had finished one Geese Migration (a/k/a Geese on the Move) block at the MCMQG retreat -- also brown, sort of ...

Geese on the Move
I'm linking up with Angela at So Scrappy.


  1. Wow. Those wink and a smile blocks are pretty awesome. I'm not around baby poop, so that feeling wouldn't come to mind when looking at your quilt. It is gorgeous in blues and browns, I hope you get to finish it.

  2. Lots of wonderful BROWN sewing going on in your studio! I have to tell you, I'm not seeing the problem with your Smith Mtn. Morning. Good luck sorting it out!

  3. Well, if it's any comfort, your SMM looks great from here!
    I've never seen that Wink and Smile block before. Both your quilts will be beautiful.
    Your geese blocks continue to make me smile. I can't wait to see the completed quilt!

  4. The wink and smile blocks are great. Like Gayle, I haven't see the block before.

  5. Wow--my post has a photo of star blocks that are the same pattern as your "Wink and a Smile" blocks. I hadn't heard that name for them before. Your blocks look great!

  6. I really like your Wink and Smile blocks, too. They look great with the gold cornerstones. I am also in the "never have seen this block" group. I hope you do finish's gorgeous.

  7. So much pretty work! I think SMM is looking wonderful; I hope you can find the mojo you need to finish it. The wink and a smile stars are so much fun! I've never heard of that block before (or seen it either I don't think).

  8. Wink and Smile is a new one to me -- I'm puzzling over how it's put together . . . Can you make a smaller version of SMM to get it over with?

  9. I think your SMM looks great! I started mine in teal and brown and am having some moments too questioning my choices of fabrics. However, it will get finished and hopefully, it will look as good as yours! MNBarb


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