Monday, February 29, 2016

OMG - A Month Late ...

... and a Day (or Two) Short
Heidi at Red Letter Quilts has issued the OMG challenge (One Monthly Goal)
with a linkup at the end of the month to report progress. Learn more about OMG here.
So in January my goal was to finish the yellow and gray Exploding Pineapple (which I have now named "Pineapple Inside Out" thanks to Gayle at Mangofeet), to include pieceing the back. Well, I got the top finished in January, but fell short on the back.
Pineapple Inside Out
I may be a month late, but I was able to locate the second piece of fabric needed for the back.

Pineapple Inside Out back fabric
Now my OMG for January has been met!  (Full disclosure: I'm still considering changing the border cornerstones ....)

My goal for FebruaryFinish Smith Mountain Morning Top

Smith Mountain Morning
This quilt was started in a workshop with Bonnie Hunter a few years ago. I managed to get most of the blocks finished at a retreat earlier this month. I even got three rows put together, but got bogged down with the cornerstone/log cabin blocks. If this had been an ordinary month -- with one or two more days -- I would have finished the center portion of the top. As it is, here is where I stand:

SMM as of 2/29/16
There are a few noticeable holes ...

Hmm ... something's missing
Four cornerstone/log cabin blocks ... and all they need is the last two blue logs.  Two more days, just TWO more days! With a simple border it will be a nice queen size.

So once again I'm a month late and a couple of days short.

Reporting in with Heidi at Red Letter Quilts.



  1. Love both of your quilts. Especially Smith Mountain Morning. Love blue and brown together.

  2. Both are beautiful! Congrats....

  3. Give yourself credit for progress made. Both of your quilts are coming along nicely. I love the backing for your Pineapple Inside Out quilt - and the name, too!

  4. You found the perfect backing for your Pineapple! Cant wait to see more!

  5. I think February should steal a couple of days from the other months. After all, some of them have as many as 31 and clearly don't need all of them...
    Love both your quilts, and that backing fabric is absolutely perfect!

  6. Smith Mountain Morning is on my bucket list. Good luck with your finish--it looks great!


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