Thursday, February 18, 2016

Moving On

To Paris ...

... Landing, that is.

This week at Camp Loucon has been a blast! The trip up on Monday was a bit iffy -- pouring rain till I hit the Kentucky state line, then the snow on the roadside got deeper and deeper as I went north.

But the only real hazard for me was a deer that slipped on the interstate right in front of my van. Somehow she got up and out of the way, however one of her entourage on the other side of the highway was not so fortunate.

I had great plans to complete Smith Mountain Morning and I did make quite a bit of headway. But those dang cornerstone/log cabin blocks took forever! Plus I didn't have a great assortment of colors as I got closer to the end. So this is all I can show for 2-1/2 days of effort.

Smith Mountain Morning as of 2/17/16
I finished as many blocks as I had pieces for and made notes on what still needs to be done. As I don't plan to do the pieced border I should be able to finish the flimsy by the end of February. Lots of Rainbow Scrap Challenge brown pieces have gone into this one!

Thursday morning I set out to finally get the borders on my Classic 4-Patch. I had screwed up cutting the border fabric back in August, but lucked into more on a half-price table in September. I am delighted to declare this top DONE!

Classic 4-Patch

I spent the remainder of the day cutting a project I may find myself working on at the next stop in my itinerary.  You see, I apparently left the finished half of my planned project at home and I will be progressing directly from one retreat to another with no way to stop by the house and pick it up.

So Friday morning I'll be heading over to Paris Landing State Park in Tennessee.  It's near the town of Paris which has a replica Eiffel Tower. We're hoping for a photo op!

Now that these 4 days are nearing an end, I find myself plum puckered out!

More from Paris ... Landing soon.


  1. Smith Mountain Morning is coming along! It is going to be gorgeous. That border on your Classic 4 patch is perfect! Just beautiful. Enjoy Paris!

  2. Progress is progress. Smith Mountain Morning looks great and so does your Classic 4 patch. Enjoy the rest of your stitching time.

  3. Both quilts are looking great! Too bad about Smith Mountain and the forgotten project...
    (At least you didn't hit the deer...)

  4. That is a very piecing-intensive quilt - you did great getting that far along! Great finish on the Classic 4-patch!!! Sometimes a forced change of plan can turn out to be a happy serendipity :*)
    And LOVE the selfie XOXO

  5. Sounds like you had a most wonderful time! But I know what you mean about so much time spent *playing* can wear you out . . . I always schedule an extra day off after a quilt retreat, just to recuperate!


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