Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More Life in Black and White

 This is a Dusting?

Today we were in the area designated to get a dusting of snow -- 1" max. Yeah .... right ....

So guess who didn't think to move a car down to the  bottom of our hill?

Angel with a headdress
Once the snow stopped (after 3 inches), my Main Man spent the afternoon blowing off the driveway and moved my car to the street.  Hopefully we can get out to the grocery tomorrow for senior discount day.

As we were having dinner another snow shower hit and dropped another quarter inch on the freshly-blown driveway.  Depressing ....

But we don't really have to go anywhere. It's the Queen Mother's sitters I worry about.


  1. It's been snowing all afternoon here - big fat wet fluffy flakes. I haven't looked outside since dark, so I don't know if it has stopped yet. Since we've only had 2" this winter, which melted after a day or two, I figure I won't complain no matter how much we get. Normally we're half buried in the stuff by this time of year!

  2. Seems like the weather person needs to refine his definitions. It looks really pretty, unless you have to get out in it.


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