Friday, June 24, 2016

A Little Ennui ...

... A Lot of Sweat

I haven't had much interesting to write about lately. It's been SO hot inside as well as out, and my sewing time has been interrupted by many distractions.

Let's see, I last left you as the 24-hour power outage ended a week ago amidst near 100-degree temps. After a quick cooling shower I headed off to an impromptu 3-day retreat of Procrastinators Anonymous. Several of us were suffering from the ennui malady and we thought getting together to sew would get the mojo going again.

Procrastinators in Diana's studio
When Diana suggested we get together at her house over the weekend, I was ready!  However, I think the 24-hour heat wave in our house fried my brain because I only packed one change of clothes (for 3 days!) and I didn't get a lot accomplished. Nevertheless, just being able to get away from the events at home was SO refreshing!

Friday I mostly worked on getting units made for my "soft country" version of Wink & a Smile. I finished two more blocks, but decided it would go faster if I got in production mode and did all of the sew-and-flip corners for the remaining 16 blocks first. (I'll try to get a photo of my progress this weekend.)

Saturday I took a break to attend the Music City MQG meeting where we made enough rainbow heart blocks to complete two quilt tops for the Orlando-Pulse Project.  I took the cutoffs from the large sew-flip corners back with me and stitched them into triangle squares (HSTs) to make another top.

Blocks for Orlando-Pulse Project
After I returned home on Sunday I powered through the problem blocks in Tropical Trellis and got that top finished. I'll have a photo of the completed project in my OMG report this weekend.


Monday I pulled out another UFO that I've been working on over the last couple months. It's another Wink & a Smile that uses up leftovers from a class sample. All it needed was setting triangles so I got those cut and began final assembly. The triangles will be the same gold as the cornerstones -- maybe not the best choice, but I'm sticking with it!

Tuesday I went to the LAQ to pick up Pineapple Sun-day. Somehow when I get dressed up and drive across two counties, I can't get back in the groove to sew when I get home.

Pineapple Sun-Day before quilting
 Wednesday the Main Man had a medical procedure -- you know, the one every 5 years that requires a "responsible adult" to drive him home -- and then it was the weekly grocery run. No time to sew.

Thursday we had the upstairs AC unit replaced -- inside and out. (The old one quit cooling the last few weeks every time the outside temps hit 85.) It was an all-day process and the 90+ temps up there spilled over to the main floor making it hard to accomplish anything. I tried going to the basement to sew, but we could hang meat down there it was so cold! I'm glad it has balanced out again!

So that was my week. Getting through all that is definitely whoop-worthy so I'm linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.


  1. we are having high temps to here in Ga. Already tired of them!

  2. Oh, NO!!! A/C problems paired with high temps = NO FUN!!!

  3. It is difficult to sew when you feel like a wet noodle. I'm glad all is repaired and replaced. Hopefully you quilting mojo will return with the coolness.

  4. The summer high temps are causing lots of demotivating lethargy. Hope this next week is more productive for you.

  5. Hope your AC problems are behind you and that you have a better, more energetic week this week. Love the colors in Wink & a Smile - I think the gold setting triangles will be fine.


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