Thursday, June 16, 2016

Do you remember TWTWTW?

Well, this has been The Week That Wasn’t

Sunday night I laid out all the pieces to assemble the last three blocks of Tropical Trellis first thing Monday morning.  Got them all done and wouldn’t you know, the seams on the last side didn’t match on all three.  I have overlooked several smaller discrepancies, but wasn’t sure I could put up with those. Yet I didn’t feel like fixing them, either.

So I took a break to work on a “secret” block. I haven’t revealed the secret; not that it’s for anyone special, but because if I don’t tell you, you won’t know when I’m slacking (heh heh).  OK, so here’s a sneak peek.

 It’s one of those quilts where every block is similar, but different, so I cut one block at a time and “treat” myself to special sewing once a day.

Tuesday, instead of working on Trellis I started making heart blocks for the Orlando Massacre survivors and victims’ families. The Orlando MQG is heading up this effort. Since the Music City MQG is having a community service sew day on Saturday, we have decided to put our efforts into this project.

Wednesday I cut more heart fabrics and had plans to finish a few more blocks in the afternoon when a windstorm came up and blew a grapevine onto the live power line that serves our house and the neighbor’s. The grapevine caught fire and before we could get through to 911 or the power company, the line exploded and the fire went out, but so did the power. Needless to say, there was no more sewing. (And no dinner.)

I’m writing this at 4 a.m. by flashlight. It’s so dark and quiet outside. And the night air is wonderfully cool. The sun will be up in about an hour and the heat will rise again soon after. Hopefully the power company will get here soon and get us back in business. It’s kinda critical with MIL on oxygen!  Apparently we failed to register with the right people at the power company for them to know we have special needs. Guess what the first call will be this morning!

A friend has invited the S’mores (you could call us a bee), to her studio for a sewing weekend while her husband is out of town. It was spur-of-the-moment and will be so welcomed after all that’s been going on.  I think I’ll just leave Trellis here and work on another UFO.

 Update Thursday evening:

The power was restored about 4 p.m. (after a bit of arm twisting at the power company). MIL is back on manufactured O2, rather than the bottled kind. The worst part for her was not being able to get her hospital bed back into the flat position. Poor gal was sitting up in bed for almost 24 hours! I made my way to the next county and have done nothing except getting away from the heat and enjoy a bit of wine.



  1. I'm glad your power is back! And I hope next week is a better one.
    (Can't wait to see what you're up to with those hexies!)

  2. Oh wow! Glad it wasn't any worse. That could have been really, really bad. Enjoy your sewing weekend.

  3. Well, what an adventure! They are not always good adventures are they? But the wine at the end sounded kinda nice :*). Love your "secret" blocks!!!!


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