Monday, June 6, 2016

DWM - What Can I Say?

I Lack Focus
I'll be the first to admit that I am easily distracted. But there really is a method in my madness. (If you believe that I have this bridge ... )

I set a personal (unpublished) goal at the first of the year to finish things and to deal with the leftovers -- pieces/parts and scraps -- immediately and not let them pile up.

Inspired by a friend a couple of weeks ago I dragged out an old unfinished One Block Wonder. In the intervening time I have managed to finish the top and cut the back.

OBW#4 - Split Pea Soup
In spite of my intentions to attack my One Monthly Goal next, this is what's on my design wall today.

Waffle Town
And here's why ...

 This UFO was in the same container as OBW#4 and I couldn't in good conscience put it back in the box. The pattern is Honeycomb Waffle by Sara Nephew (Big Book of Building Block Quilts) and also included in  ABC 3-D by Marci Baker. While it doesn't use stacked repeats, it is a hexagonal construction like OBW.

When I was actively teaching, this was my most popular class. It looks complex but is really SO easy. Apparently I was using this as my teaching sample because the top was in various stages of completion (known in the trade as "step-outs"). I had a few stripsets to sew and then cut the equilateral triangles yesterday. Today will be devoted to assembling the center.

As frequently happens, I backed myself into a corner -- or so I thought. Since it was "just a sample" I had used some small, probably 1-yard pieces so it's not a big quilt. It really needs a border to make it useable. I couldn't find anything in my stash last night, but in the light of day I have found a solution!  Hoping to have photos tomorrow.

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  1. Your blue border really completes "Split Pea Soup." It's beautiful!

  2. "Spilt Pea Soup" is wonderful... you have me wanting to do another OBW / SNW... and I have lots of fabrics to choose hard to resist! LOL

  3. Love your blue & green OBW! Split Pea Soup is the perfect name for it.
    Can't wait to see what you do for a border on your 3-D sample.

  4. Lovely colour combination in Split Pea Soup. The pattern looks quite complex, is it your own design?

  5. Lovely coulours in your Split Pea Soup. I'm glad you took out your Honeycomb Waffle to work on it. It's wonderful!


  6. I have to say that OBW is probably the best one I have ever seen, no lie! LOVE it. Glad it's come out of its box! Love the 3D quality of the second piece too...I'd leave it as a mini, since they are the rage but I'm curious to see what you'll do!

  7. Love the Split Pea Soup name :). I'm thinking you quite virtuous NOT to ignore this other OBW, actually! Now you'll have an empty container and two completed quilts!

  8. Congrats on getting Split Pea Soup to the finished flimsy stage. It turned out beautifully. Sounds like you are sticking with your plan to get things finished up. You've done really well at that this year.


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