Friday, June 3, 2016

Near Finish Friday

One Block Wonder #4
I love kaleidoscopes. I love to play with them; I love seeing the multiple effects as the colorful shards tumble inside them. It's only natural, then, that I love kaleidoscope quilts.

I tried Stack 'n' Whack soon after Bethany Reynolds' first book came out. Intriguing as the concept was, I was not moved to repeat that exercise.

However, from the moment I saw my first One Block Wonder (designed by Maxine Rosenthal and Ann Pelzmann), I was captivated by the kaleidoscopic effect of the hexagons. Perhaps because I had already mastered equalateral triangles arranged in hexagons by studying at the knee of Sara Nephew (and later Marci Baker).

Ode to Orange
My first OBW was done with a remnant of very large-scale vegetables. (Sorry, the top is in my TBQ stack and this photo is for my reference only.)

OBW #1 - Soup or Salad?
I followed that with this springtime confection that is currently on my bed.

OBW #2 - Spring Flower Garden
It's like eating potato chips -- once you get the pieces cut out you can't wait to see what each block is going to look like.  Unable to contain my enthusiasm, my next attempt (another TBQ reference photo):

OBW #3 - Burgandy and Brie
Apparently I was starting to run out of steam because my current project, OBW #4, was started about 2008-9.

OBW #4 - yet to be named
The center portion is now finished and I have decided the blue on the left side will be the border. While it's not my OMG for June, with luck it will be finished tomorrow!

But wait, there's more!!!

OBW #5 waits in the wings
Does five an obsession make? I won't show you the bin of fabrics I have purchased for kaleidoscope quilts ...

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  1. Wow, these are some beautiful quilts, especially the confection ones!

  2. Your quilts are just beautiful. The thing that intrigues me with OBW or kaleidoscope quilts is trying to figure out what the fabric looked like originally. Usually I am not even close to guessing! I agree... they are so much fun to make, but I don't know how many you have to make before it's considered an obsession. :D

  3. You've got some beautiful quilts from that pattern. I can see why you'd make another.

  4. I LOVE all of your OBW and SNW... I too am obssessed with these techniques too! I've probably made a dozen SNW and I have huge stack of fabrics just waiting be cut... have fun!

  5. Who cares if it's an obsession? LOL!!! I love kaleidoscope designs too and will happily watch each new come come to life in your posts :*). I bet you can imagine how much I love your current #4!!!

  6. I have a great piece of fabric set aside for a one-block wonder - just need to find the time to make it!! Where are my minions???

  7. Well, artists work in series, right?
    I'll happily watch you play with every one of these!


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