Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Productive Week

Mostly Finished

Over last weekend I finished One Block Wonder #4 - Split Pea Soup.

OBW#4 - Split Pea Soup
The top is finished, a back made. It currently resides in the To Be Quilted (TBQ) inventory.

The other project on my design wall at the beginning of the week -- Waffle Town ...

Waffle Town
... progressed through the week. I blogged about issues that arose from using two different brands of specialty rulers, but was able to make a quick recovery.

Because I had used all my fabric in the blocks, I dithered about borders. Several of my readers suggested going without borders.  The top was going to be nearly square so I used the little bit of the floral fabric to add 3" to the top.

Amazingly (considering my normal luck) I found a piece of navy in my stash (actually I raided another project box) that was a very close match to add 3" to the bottom.

Then I staystitched the sides.

Even with staystitching I was not happy with how the bias edges were looking. I had enough of the replacement navy to add borders on three sides.

Waffle Town - done!
I also managed to throw together some strings blocks from the few Caribbean blues in my string bin.

And I stitched together the finished blocks of Tropical Trellis and assembled one more block.

Tropical Trellis
Three more blocks to go and then it will be decision time on how to finish it out.

For a week broken up with morning walks, a dental visit, weekly grocery run, and feeding lunch to the homeless, I got a lot done!  And I managed to catch up on three episodes of Royal Pains, too. (Just don't ask to see my house ... )

Have a great week and stay cool, y'all.

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  1. Nice work on all fronts!! I couldn't begin to choose a favorite. Each project is fabulous in its own right!

  2. Excellent border solution for Waffle Town! I hope "borrowing" the perfect navy from another project doesn't cause any issues with that project. Have a good week -

  3. You have so many great projects going on! I love Waffle Town! Those 3D looking quilts fascinate me, but I have yet to find a pattern and see how they are actually made. Going to do that one of these days!

  4. You have been busy! I really like your Tropical Trellis blocks. There is so much movement in the design. Waffle Town looks great with the navy border. And those Caribbean blue strings.... wonderful!

  5. So many wonderful projects! But I love those string blocks...they make me want to go dig up some scraps. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  6. Your projects look awesome! I especially like the Tropical Trellis blocks!

  7. Wow, you really had a productive week. Split Pea and Waffle Town both turned out beautifully. The addition of the cream and navy to the top and bottom worked out really well. The navy border really finishes that project off nicely. Congrats on making so much progress.


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