Friday, November 25, 2016

Smith/Murray/Bowman Thanksgiving in Review

The Family

Libby, Alex, DS-2, CG, AA, DS-1
(DIL-2 taking the picture)

The Parade

DIL-1 somewhere in the crowd
Also 2nd cousins in a band

The Meal

Turkey, Glazed Carrots, Green Beans Almandine
also Colcannon, Stuffing, and Rolls

The Games

Colt Express
Camel Up!
Sushi Go!

Ticket to Ride - Asia
And the Winner Is ...

Son -2!!
After three days and nights of stiff competition, Son-2 took the overall "Z score."  Don't ask me what that means, but AA assures me it's a mathematical calculation of relativity to zero.

I came in last.  😞


  1. Sorry you were last...
    We played a game recently that was a ton of fun - the Oregon Trail card game. My SIL and I won, and by 'won' I mean we were the only ones left alive at the end of the game. Fun with dysentery! 8)

  2. Wife and I have enjoyed that game thing in Conway several times and I have yet to figure out how the cumulative score thing works..It is fun anyway with those kids..

  3. Lovely gathering. Don't worry!! I always come in last, too.

  4. Colcannon is not your typical Thanksgiving fair, but it's a fun choice. Looks like fun was had by all. Had you including anything that involved a needle, you would have taken first place.

  5. Looks as though a great weekend was had by all. Nice to see photo of the family all together.

  6. oooo last... I'm pretty competitive so that would be hard. You did raise the winner however! What fun! I love games like that


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