Friday, January 20, 2017

A Very Scrappy Week


Two entirely different projects on my wall. 

Every time I stitched two purple rows together, it made room for another diagonal row of monkeys.

A Ribbon Runs Through It - 1 of 2
The purple quilt (I'm calling Zagnuts) is now together except for borders. 

Ordinarily I would leave it borderless, but Covered in Love likes them a little bigger and that's where this one is going.  I'll add the borders at the next Nuts and Bolts retreat in February where there will be plenty of room to lay it out and measure.

Both of these quilts have used up a lot of miscellaneous scraps.  I'm counting Zagnuts for January Rainbow Scrap Challenge along with several other blocks I'll be showing later on.


  1. Classy monkeys you've got there! (Mine would have dragged that design wall out into the yard and used it for a trampoline...)
    Looking forward to seeing Zagnuts with borders. Can't ever go wrong with purple!

  2. LOVE that purple scrappy quilt and LOVE the fact that you will be sending it off to Covered in Love!!! Kat will surely appreciate that.

  3. You have two great quilts on your wall. Zagnuts is so visually pleasing. I haven't heard of Covered in Love and will have to find info on it. Have a great weekend.

  4. Such fun projects! Looking forward to seeing them progress.

  5. Your purple zigzags are going together so nicely! I like the way those are made. The Ribbon Runs Through It quilt has such a neat effect - it looks exactly like what it says! You're getting a lot done these days.

  6. Very fun scrappy projects. You've been moving along with both of them.


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