Monday, January 2, 2017

Getting Off To A Good Start

There's something about beginning a new year.  All counters are moved back to zero; it's an opportunity for a fresh start in everything.  It's time to set new goals.

Keeping in mind that I want to spend more time with my spouse, not only having fun, but working on projects around the house to get it ready to sell -- well, that could be fun, too -- and potentially moving before year's end, I have settled on some modest quilting goals for the new year. 
  1. Have fun, no guilt 
  2. Learn to quilt
  3. Put a zipper in something
  4. Finish 6 UFOs
  5. Improve my blog
I'll expound on each of these goals over the next few days. But for now let's see how I'm doing.

Remember that mystery, the one I'm NOT doing?

En Provence
Bonnie Hunter made the big reveal on New Year's Day so I threw together a few units for some of the clues I haven't worked on just to see if I would like it.  I'm still not happy with the purple 4-patches but I think I can live with them. I'm running out of variety in the dark purples so I may decide to use just one for the HSTs.  I have cut different yellow squares for each block, but will use the same yellow in the quarter-squares.

So it's a GO. I guess I'm doing the mystery, after all. I'll join the linky party today to announce my intentions.

On another front, Angela at soscrappy announced the first color for Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017 -- PURPLE!  My first thought ... well, I'll spare the expletives ... but my next thought was, "Yay, I can move some of these purple scraps off my cutting table!"

Scrap Jar Stars
Diann at Little Penguin Quilts turned me on to these fun stars and I've decided I'll make some each month with the RSC17 color.  You can find a free tutorial for these 12" blocks here.

Sew that's what's on my design wall this, the first Monday of the New Year.  I'll be linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times also.


  1. For a quilt that you are not doing, that looks pretty good!!

  2. En Provence is looking good! And I'm happy about a purple January, since I have all my purples out already anyway for EP. Efficient! 8)
    Diann and Angie had me teetering on the edge of making ScrapJar Stars - now that you're also doing them, I might as well jump off that bridge, too!

  3. So much for NOT doing the mystery!! LOL (And I just might join you in the Scrap Jar Stars, as I've been drooling over those for 2 years now.)

  4. Your scrap jar star looks great! I'm still loving those blocks, even after making 20 of them. :). I want to finish my borders this week. I have been following Bonnie's blog for just a few months now, and the mystery looks like fun! Maybe I'll join in next year. I love how yours is shaping up - such pretty colors!

  5. I really like your mystery block that you aren't making. I put one block together this morning, too, but need to make the new quarter square unit with yellow. Your goals are very doable. And I love that star block!

  6. I love your mystery block and that is funny about not doing the mystery. I really didn't make it, but was tempted and now the reveal is very pretty. Good luck on your goals and your scrap block is great.

  7. yes I too am now committed to that mystery. I like the little star block and will check out the rainbow challenge.thanks

  8. Hi Libby
    good goals there girl!

  9. Yep... you are actually doing this mystery and it looks fanastic!

  10. Yay for the mystery! It's a great design.
    I came across a printout of Scrap Jar Stars just yesterday. Are you trying to influence me?
    I like the zipper resolution. One of the Stashbusters posted a link to a tutorial about making storage jars out of plastic bottles. With zippers.

  11. Great goals! Mine is just to enjoy quilting when I have time and to try to do it all from my stash. I would like to finish the ones that need binding and some of the tops I have started. Ugh! Do NOT want to put in any more zippers if I can avoid it; I've never liked doing them. We need to plan a movie and/or lunch sometime soon. Sharon B in Franklin

  12. Good luck with your goals for 2017. I really, really like your first goal. The quilt you are not making would be (is?) gorgeous! This year's ties with last year's BH mystery as one of my favorites.


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