Thursday, January 5, 2017

One Monthly Goal

January 2017

Oh, it feels so weird to type 2017!

Yet the new year is here, and a new month, so it's time to declare my One Monthly Goal (OMG) for January.

It's pretty lame, actually, but my goal for January is to tie up loose ends from the last couple of months, things that kind of fell by the wayside with the activity of finishing Christmas gifts.

Specifically, I need to add borders to Checkers, Anyone?

Checkers, Anyone?
I discovered that my border fabric is only long enough to go on each side of the center, so I need to create some cornerstones to make it work.  Simple to do; just need time.

Next up will be borders for Holiday Frost.

Holiday Frost
I have the border fabric; I was just trying to make a decision about an inner border.  I have settled on black, so now the top is ready to be finished.

Another project that I thought about in November, but never got past the thinking stage, is Trellis Garden.

Trellis Garden
I want to extend the blocks into the border.  I have worked out what pieces I need to cut. Now it's just a matter of doing it!

I'll be heading out to my annual retreat at Rock Island State Park on Sunday and these three projects will be first on my list to work on.

Linking up with Patty D at Elm Street Quilts for OMG.


  1. Well, going on a retreat may at least help you not to start anything new... 8)
    I think it's interesting that all three of those quilts share the design element of squares set in diagonal lines.
    Happy finishing!

  2. Nice goals for January, and a retreat to help you finish, how nice. I particularly like Holiday Frost, the layout and the fabric.

  3. These will be beautiful finishes. Have fun at your retreat!

  4. Nice quilts! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.

  5. Those finishing tasks are a really smart OMG. Good luck with your progress at retreat!!

  6. That's the great thing about retreats is that you can usually focus and get a few WIPs done. These all seem doable. Looking forward to seeing Holiday Frost with the borders.

  7. I think tying up loose ends is a great goal for the month! "Holiday Frost" reminds me of the "all the blocks in the book" quilt in M'Liss Rae Hawley's first FQ book. (I have owned it for years and have made, ummm, two quilts from it.)

  8. A great goal for January, to finish off what got bypassed last year. Good luck with your OMG.

  9. I look forward to seeing all these projects finished - good luck with your OMG.

  10. I've never gone on a retreat with my quilt group, but I bet it would be lots of fun, especially to have all of that uninterrupted sewing. Looking forward to seeing what you get done!


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