Sunday, January 8, 2017

Retreat Time!!!

Off the Grid

In a few hours I'll be heading out to my annual retreat at Rock Island State Park in beautiful, isolated Quincy, TN! 

Rock Island 2010
Even though the temps are still in single digits (4F at the park as I write this) and there is still snow on the ground, we had a lot of sunshine yesterday and I've been assured by the park staff that roads have been "clearing nicely."

The challenge is going to be hauling a lot of my gear down our hill to where we parked my van as soon as the first flakes appeared Thursday night.  I had the presence of mind to pack a lot Thursday afternoon, but I didn't want my machine or water or delicate foodstuffs sitting out in freezing temperatures.  Fortunately, the machine is on wheels, the tool box is on wheels, and all the food and clothing can go in the wagon.

All this to say I'll be out of touch for the week. But I'll be documenting my progress along the way so be prepared for a lengthy post when I get back on Friday.  I'm going to try something new, taking the laptop to process pictures and write up each day's activity so that it should be easy to pull something together as soon as I get home.

And just to show something quilty, this is what will be staying on my design wall at home.

Zagnuts - I'm crooked, it's not
I realized I don't have enough of some of the fabrics to do an on-point setting; it would need the same number of blocks in each. With the more traditional setting I can use the shorter runs in the corners.

Keep Calm
Stay Warm


  1. Oh yes ENJOY!!!!! Looking forward to your recap already :*)

  2. Way to USE those purple scraps!! Here's hoping that you arrived safely. Enjoy your retreat!!

  3. Sounds like you've planned well and have the logistics all sorted out for your retreat. Have fun, stay warm, and be safe!

  4. Hope you're having fun at the retreat and getting lots done! I love what's on your design wall!

  5. Looking forward to seeing all the progress you made at your retreat.

  6. Your retreat always sounds like such fun. Hope you had a great, and productive time.


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