Saturday, February 18, 2017

A New Adventure

Round Robin

I've long wanted to participate in a round robin and my opportunity has finally arrived!

Music City Modern Quilters decided to offer voluntary participation in a round robin this year and 12 of us jumped at the chance.  For convenience, we divided into two groups of 6.  Each person makes a starting block, then passes it on to the next name on the list.  Each person can add plain or pieced borders, maybe all around or maybe off center. Each month we pass what we worked on to the next name on the list and in July we'll have a top of some size.

This is the block I made.  The plain squares are really white -- Kona Snow -- I just can't adjust the color enough. 

Rolling 9-Patch
The block is called Rolling 9-Patch; it finishes at 10".  While it is a traditional block, I think it has a very modern vibe.  I am including the background print in my kit for color inspiration, but it's also available to be used along the way.

This is the block that was passed on to me.

I've already pulled some fabrics that I think will complement it. Now to decide what to do.  I'm already thrown off because I anticipated that I might set the block on point!  Maybe I could pass it on and say I'm done .... No, I couldn't do that.  Maybe some flying geese?  The challenge here is trying to know the maker while letting your own muse take control.  It will certainly be interesting to see what we all get back in July.


  1. I love the block you chose... it does have a modern vibe...and the one you received is interesting too... I haven't done a Round Robin in years, but they are fun... enjoy!

  2. I've participated in one round robin and really enjoyed it. You made a great block. The colors and design are bright and fun. It will be fun to see what you decide to do with the block you received.

  3. What fun! I've never done a round robin but have always loved seeing others. Looking forward to sharing the adventure vicariously through you!

  4. I've never done a round robin, so I plan to enjoy watching yours!
    And hey, you can still set that block on point... 8)

  5. I've always been intimidated by round robins but I think it helps to start with a square block as the center. The block you chose doesn't look like a traditional block -- I agree, it has a very modern vibe to it. I can't wait to see it progress.

  6. Sounds like a fun challenge for the year. I like your initial block. It will be fun to see how the quilts progress each month.


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