Monday, February 6, 2017

DWM - So Much Fun!

Spare Parts

Pulling together a bunch of non-related orphan blocks is definitely a challenge, but a challenge I wanted to take.  I began with this collection of bright orphans.

Spare Parts
I left them on my design wall for several days.  My first idea was to do a medallion style, but nothing was working for me.  I tried a row arrangement which was boring. Then I saw that several other people had done an off-center arrangement and that concept appealed to me. So I started with these four monochromatic 9-patches.

Step 1
Next I added a collection of HSTs which I had to trim down to fit. 

Step 2
Then I added a separator strip and a group of Wonky Stars, again trimmed to fit the space.

Step 3
I am considering adding the two card trick blocks below this to extend it into more of a rectangle.

I discovered the pinwheels in another box of bright bits today. If I use them I will probably replace the second green separator strip with black. I'm going to let it marinate overnight and will review it in the morning.

This is SO much fun!!


  1. It is looking great Libby! When I saw your blocks in a previous post, in my mind I started with almost every block except the ones you did. Keep it up!

  2. Looking good! For off-center arrangements, I like to take a photo and rotate it. If it looks balanced in every direction, great. If not, you can add more where it seems to be needed. Looks like you're having fun with this!

  3. Very bright and fun! The off center arrangement was a great place to start.

  4. I love the way this is going Libby!!! And it does look like fun :*). Looking forward to seeing it emerge.

  5. FUN! FUN! FUN! Especially fun to look at from where I am sitting! Way to go!

  6. So happy and bright! Your rectangling strategy looks good, too!


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