Sunday, February 26, 2017

N&B Retreat Wrapup

Project Parade

Maybe I just wasn't paying attention, but it seemed like more people were working on bits and pieces this year, rather than working on finishes, so I don't have much to show.

Donna did finish two other things while I was looking the other way -- yes, she works that fast -- but my favorite was Big and Bold (or was it Bold and Bright?).

A simple pattern that shows off feature prints really well. 

The lengths Donna will go to to get a good photo!

Frances made a quick quilt with black and white log cabins, then worked on the quilt I'm sure you've seen that looks like Breeko Blocks to me -- totally uncomfortable to sleep on ...

She likes graphic designs and her fabric choices really highlight the dimensional quality of the design.

Like me, Lisa brought a lot of projects that just needed finishing.  Most of them were done and down before I thought of getting the camera poised.  But this one was a stunner:  Chinese Magic.

Chinese Magic
One of our group who has since passed away made a quilt from this pattern and several S'mores decided this year to make one to honor Judy.

Connie whipped out this sweet baby quilt:

and Marsha worked on these sailboats:

My final project on Day 4 was a real moldie oldie:  Weaver Fever.

Weaver Fever
I started this at a retreat that pre-dates the 2010 flood that destroyed our retreat center.  The secret to success on this one is an accurate and consistent quarter inch seam which is difficult, though not impossible, to achieve when working on multiple machines.  I've decided to get all the blocks made and then find a measurement that will work on the majority before assembly.  I love the graphic nature of this design!

Sew that's it for Nuts and Bolts 2017.  We're scheduled for February 19, 2018; if you're in the area and want to attend, let me know.


  1. What a nice quilt show review. Thanks much for the wonderful inspirations. I had not seen the B Blocks one before. But, my favorite by far is your Weaver Fever!! That is fantastic and the colors you used are just perfect. It looks like one of Jackie Robinson patterns. She owned a quilt shop here in St. Louis before moving west and becoming famous. I still have a lot of her patterns in my library that I would like to make one day. Your retreat bunch got a lot done by the looks of it.

  2. Beautiful work! That Chinese Magic really is a stunner!

  3. Great bunch of projects!! Looks like a productive week.


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