Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Like #6

Visiting with Family

We have missed visiting with family over the last nine years.  Now that we don't have jobs and invalid care tying us down, we hope to make up for lost time.

So earlier in the week we headed out to see the Arkansas crew while the grands were between trips and camps.  Our main objective on this trip was to deliver grandfather's rocker-recliner to Son-2.

He's a work-from-home freelance journalist who stands at his computer (and cycles while he works).  But everyone needs a comfortable place to relax and put the feet up once in a while, don't you think?

I like tabletop games ... and there is never a shortage of game-playing in this family! They interrupted their annual summer tabletop tournament to allow Grandpa and Grandma to play along.  First on the bill was 3Up/3Down, an easy, fast-moving card game -- so fast I didn't have time to take a picture. 

Next up was Ticket to Ride/Heart of Africa, a train-building geography lesson.

Ticket to Ride / Heart of Africa
We finished off the day with Codename.  Basically a word game that I can't begin to describe.

I like live theater.  Especially musicals!  Out first night in Arkansas we were treated to an in-the-round production of The Music Man.

Aside from the fact that the performers were excellent (I cried at the end), I was fascinated by the choreography of the set changes right before our eyes.  I enjoyed every minute of the production!

I like local boutique restaurants.

Located next to a college campus, Mosaique had a clean, modern, family-friendly atmosphere and a nice variety of dinner choices.  Absolutely no pretenses .... aside from the name ...

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  1. Hi! Enjoyed your post today! Glad you are seeing family and having fun!

  2. oh yes! Board games... I'll be right over. And musicals especially live. I've been in a few, and know the backstage excitement being a part of that energy. Live Theater! Love finding little restaurants. Your son is very handsome reclining in that new chair!

  3. There's nothing like family time - when they're all grown up and live elsewhere, it seems like there's never enough. I'm glad your life is freed up to give you that opportunity again, Libby! We always play games when with our kids, too. So much fun! And live musicals are also a lot of fun! I went with my group of women to see "Hair" at the dinner theater a couple of weeks ago. That was really something!

  4. We're a game playing family, too! I also recommend Codename - lots of fun, especially for a big group. (Have you played Qwirkle? One of my favorites!) I'll check out 3Up/3Down. Thanks!

  5. wow- what a fun but also functional trip for you. Musicals are my favorite!
    Glad you had some fun. mary in Az

  6. I have not heard of 3Up/3Down. May have to try that. I've played several Ticket to Rides. I've been recently learning Codename. I still haven't quite got the hang of it. Qwirkle! I love that game.

    I don't get out to live theater often, but it's always fun.

  7. Hooray! for a trip to see the grands!!!

  8. I haven't heard of 3Up/3Down. How many decks do we need? Would you teach me in August, or how many players do you need? Sounds like a lot of fun; we love games, too. Sharon B in Franklin

  9. I'm glad you are free to travel as you please and enjoy time with family. It looks like you had a great visit.

  10. A lovely likes list, Libby. (I couldn't resist that alliteration; I'm such a nerd!) I too love board games and group games too, always so much fun and when do we get fun as such when older. I have noted several of yours to look up as they are new to me. I will show the wild turkey that visits us attracted by the bird feeders.

  11. Lots of fun things on your list this week. Glad you've been able to get out an about a bit. Stay cool, I'm sure the 4th of July will heat all of us up.


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