Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Making up for lost time

Trips and gardening may have put me behind in the sewing arena, but I've used the last few days to catch up.  First I churned out some Chunky Churn Dashes in the June Rainbow Scrap Challenge color yellow.

Chunky Churn Dash blocks
In the CCD box I found parts leftover from the May color green so I decided to whip out a few more.

Actually, a LOT more!!  I now have enough green chunky churn dashes to make a small quilt!

Next I directed my attention to the other block I'm making in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017:  Scrap Jar Stars.  In the SJS box I discovered bits and pieces of the February color aquamarine so I set about finishing them up.

Scrap Jar Stars in aquamarine
You'll notice my design wall is littered with other incomplete projects ...  And, finally with what remained of today, I squeeked out a yellow SJS.

Scrap Jar Star in yellow
I have enough pieces cut to make a second star in yellow.  But I realized I missed making a green one.  Alas, the green scrap box is back in the closet so that may have to wait ....


  1. Your SJS in yellow just makes me smile! It's so sunny and happy! I like those Chunky Churn Dashes, too. I'll have to put them on my list!

  2. All those yellow blocks are so pretty... and I like the green ones too... lemon and lime... sounds tasty...LOL

  3. Your star blocks are my favorite! The churn dash blocks are cute, too, but the stars just sparkle.

  4. Lots of bright and fun blocks. I like the star blocks best too, but they are all very pretty.


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